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National Resource Center for Youth Services: Oklahoma Trauma Informed Care Project


Technical Assistance

The Trauma Informed Care Project provides consultation to Oklahoma programs serving youth in above foster care levels of care on topics such as professionalizing staff, trainer development, trauma informed supervision, and setting up employee development plans.

Not sure where to start? Whether it’s answering a simple question about our services or working together to develop a workshop to fit the specific needs of your agency, the Trauma Informed Care Project is happy to work with you to find appropriate solutions.

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Technical Assistance Activities

Action Learning Sets

Action Learning Sets are small formal focus groups designed to promote professional growth and learning of their members through collective problem solving of real challenges experienced in the workplace. Professional youth workers combine their knowledge and skills to create innovative solutions to real challenges faced in the day-to-day work of the individuals involved.

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Program Assessment

The objective of program assessment is to provide thoughtful, evidence-driven recommendations that will impact both the risk of maltreatment in care, as well as the move towards a trauma responsive culture of care. Information is gathered from a comprehensive review of program components including policy and procedures, observation of programmatic practices, focus groups, and surveys to develop recommendations that may assist the agency in developing a strategic plan to improve its effectiveness in service delivery and trauma responsive practices.

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