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CrowdWords: Doing a Lot With a Little
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CrowdWords: Doing a Lot With a Little

The CrowdWords tool focuses on an experiential methodology that strips away the trappings of equipment-heavy facilitation and focuses instead on using a simple "alphabet deck" as the sole instrument for delivering a scaffolded progression of activities designed to foster deep collaboration and engagement.

CrowdWords contains 26 experiential activities separated into four core interactions that are progressively deeper in challenge and growth opportunities:

  • Introduce(I) activities are used to welcome, warm-up, or introduce a new group together
  • Cooperative (CP) activities are used to stretch a groups relatability skills
  • Collaborative (CL) activities are used to take a deeper dive into team engagement, trust and communication
  • Reflect (R) activities are used to provide the tools and space for participants to make connections and transfer new understanding from experiences into future situations

Written by Matthew Broda, Ph.D., and Trevor M. Dunlap, this simple, easy-to-use activity book is a must-have for trainers, youth care professionals, and educators looking build out any number of programmatic outcomes.  In this case, less is certainly more!

Year of Publication 2018 (2nd Edition)
Page Count 83
Product Size/Format 6.5" x 9.5" soft cover
ISBN 978-0-692-99421-4
  • $24.99