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National Resource Center for Youth Services: Oklahoma Successful Adulthood Program



If you do not find the answer to your questions here, please send us an email.

When should I set up my OKSA Helpline case?

You can set up your case within 30 days of turning 18 or any time after exiting DHS custody. Call or email the OKSA Helpline to schedule a time for a short phone intake to talk about what your goals are and how we can help!

What can OKSA help with?

OKSA can help with so many things! Generally, we can help with something if it helps you meet your education, employment, transportation, or housing goals. This can range from driver’s education to assisting with a car purchase, extracurricular activities, work-related clothing, an animal for FFA … the list is endless! If there is something you need, do not hesitate to call and ask.

What can OKSA not help with?

Generally, we cannot assist with food, entertainment items, and items or supplies for your child. We can assist with a referral to other community partners for some of these items.

Can I still access services if I no longer live in Oklahoma?

Absolutely! If you aged out of Oklahoma DHS or Tribal care, you are still eligible for services no matter where you live. Some services may not apply while out-of-state, such as Tuition Waiver and extended medical coverage.

What funding is there to help me go to college or tech school?

The Education and Training Voucher (ETV for short) and Tuition Waiver are available to help with college, depending on eligibility. You may also qualify for other grants and scholarships. Call the OKSA Helpline and we can connect you with an Education Specialist.

How do I submit a request for funds?

Call the OKSA Helpline or send an email to to request funds.

How will I receive my funds?

Funds can be issued in the form of a business check made out to the vendor, an egift card sent to your email, or (if you’re over 18) we can discuss direct deposit. Reimbursements can be considered in the event you need to purchase something quickly but must be discussed with a Helpline team member PRIOR to the purchase.

What assistance is available for medical insurance?

In most cases, if you exited DHS or Tribal custody at age 18, you are eligible to receive SoonerCare until age 26. This includes medical, dental, and vision through age 23. After age 23, it includes medical coverage only. For questions about your SoonerCare coverage, please contact the Helpline.

How can OKSA assist with housing?

Depending on your eligibility, we have several different housing pathways to assist with obtaining stable housing. Please visit our Housing section of the website for further details or call the OKSA Helpline.

Can OKSA help with the purchase of a car?

Once you have your driver’s license, contact the OKSA Helpline BEFORE making a car purchase. Our team is available to help ensure you get the maximum funds for a car purchase. The process is very individualized and required documentation be submitted with specific wording. We have worked with individual sellers and car dealerships throughout the state but each situation is different and may require special processing on our end.

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