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National Resource Center for Youth Services: Oklahoma Successful Adulthood Program


Youth Conferences

Annual learning events which include guest speakers, life skills workshops, small group experiences, and interactive
games/entertainment. The general purpose of these confereces are to increase hope for the future, promote skill development, engage in peer to peer learning and strengthen connections with peers and supportive adults.

Oklahoma Teen Conference

Once a year, youth across Oklahoma come together to build relationships, learn life skills, and have fun! It's an opportunity for youth to network with each other, alumni staff, and supportive adults as they have meaningful conversations about goals for the future.

Teen Conference 2024 (for ages 15-17)

Intro to OKSA Conference

Intro to OKSA Conference is annually held for youth 14 years of age who are or should be receiving OKSA services. The conference brings together youth and adult sponsors from across the state to meet OKSA staff, learn the meaning of OKSA and gain needed information about how OKSA can help them. This one-day event gives participants a unique opportunity to build partnerships, learn new skills, and have a blast together.

Intro to OKSA Conference 2024 (for age 14)

DDS Conference

This is a collaboration between the OKSA program and the Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) group homes to provide an annual, one-day life skills event. The purpose of this conference is to provide opportunities for youth to practice OKSA skills, to promote awareness of community resources and to strengthen youth/adult relationships.

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