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National Resource Center for Youth Services: Oklahoma Successful Adulthood Program


Assessment and Planning Support

Two core components of the OKSA program are assessment and planning services. A Life Skills Assessment is designed to introduce youth to basic skills needed for success as an adult and provide a tool to assist workers in determining the current life skill knowledge of the youth with whom they are working. The OKSA Plan for My Future is intended to assist youth in developing critical thinking skills and begin planning for their future. OKSA consultants are available to assist adult partners learn best practices in working with young people to complete assessments, as well as how to utilize the assessment in skill building, and provide support in engaging youth in the planning process to create youth-driven plans.

Transition Support

The transition to adulthood can be daunting for any young person. Ensuring young people who transition out of foster care with the tools and resources they need is vital. Our OKSA consultation team provides targeted assistance to adult partners throughout a young person's 17th year to develop youth-driven, personalized transition plans, including resources and supports available to young people after they leave care.


The John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Act of 1999 required that a data collection system be developed to determine if Independent Living services were helping youth to be successful as they transitioned out of foster care. The system that was developed is called the National Youth in Transition (NYTD) Database. Oklahoma views NYTD as an opportunity to look at how the OKSA Program is doing and how we can improve.

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OKSA Helpline (800) 397-2945

The primary purpose of the OKSA Helpline (OH) is to provide assistance directly to young people during their transition to adulthood, as well as offer program information and support to child welfare workers, foster parents, and other individuals and agencies who provide services to youth. Assistance is available to eligible youth while they are currently in Oklahoma DHS foster or tribal custody, as well as to young adults who have left Oklahoma DHS or tribal custody on or after their 16th birthday. The OH continues aiding eligible young adults until their 23rd birthday. Program information, supportive services, resource referrals, mentoring, and financial assistance is available through a toll-free helpline, messages through the OKSA Facebook page, or via the OKSA email.

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