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National Resource Center for Youth Services: Oklahoma Successful Adulthood Program


Youth Development (YD) Funds

Youth Development funds are available to support a youth’s goals while they are in care and serve as a safety net as they transition from care. Each YD funds request requires a receipt, showing the approved item or service was purchased. For youth in care, the youth’s worker is given the opportunity to approve or deny any funding requests. For youth out of care, approval is made by a Helpline team member.

Download the Youth Development Funds Request Form

Right-click the above link and select "Save As" to open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader.


OKSA can assist with many education-related expenses, including tutoring, concurrent fees, vocational supplies, non-credit vocational classes, and short-term certification programs. We can also assist with yearbooks, prom expenses, graduation expenses, college application fees and dorm deposits.

Essential Documents>

OKSA knows important having your essential documents is to your success. We can help with the cost of birth certificates, state IDs, driver's permits, licenses, and even passports.


OKSA can assist with helping you get where you need to be. From bus passes to bicycles to car purchases, OKSA can help. For youth over 18, there is additional assistance for car repairs, maintenance, tag, title, tax, and insurance.

Permanent Connections>

OKSA can assist each youth with a phone and phone service to help stay in contact. We may be able to assist with other areas to help a youth maintain.


OKSA can assist with items related to obtaining or maintaining employment. This can include interview attire, work clothing, work permits, and transportation assistance until you receive your first paycheck.

Driver's Education>

A common goal for many youth and young adults is obtaining a driver’s license. OKSA can assist with the cost of a driver’s education course, as well as additional driving time with a professional. OKSA can also cover the cost of taking the driving test with a private driving school, often eliminating the need to locate a car for testing purposes.


OKSA can assist with deposits and/or occasional rent or utility payments. A housing assessment may be required. OKSA can also assist with household items to get your new housing set up.


OKSA can assist with the costs of participating in extracurricular activities even if they are not affiliated with school. This could include sports uniforms and/or equipment, band equipment, prom/formal dance attire, school-sponsored field trips, special interest clubs including FFA animals, and even contact lenses. We can also assist with up to 3 months of lessons for a new sport or interest, such as dance or martial arts.

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